4E Kennels Healing Hearts

Bailey and Natalyn

Healing Hearts 2020

Bailey is an F1b Standard Goldendoodle from Diana’s Dessert Bloom litter of November, 2019. Bailey was gifted to Natalyn as a fully trained seizure response dog in late August of 2020 through the Healing Hearts Charity Foundation.

Since being united, Bailey and Natalyn have traveled back to college in Nashville, Tennessee as they study fashion design and psychology. Bailey attends class with Natalyn and goes everywhere with her as her protector and companion. Having been trained in seizure response through Norton Dog Training, Bailey has had to do his job a handful of times while in college. When Natalyn has an episode, Bailey is on top of her protecting her and licking her face until she comes to and gives him the “ok” to stop, which lets him know she is alert and ok. He then lays beside her and waits until she is ready to go, although sometimes he doesn’t let her up until he feels she is ready! 

Through their journey together, Bailey’s quick responses have shortened Natalyn’s episodes allowing her shorter down time. He has given back her confidence in traveling in public, knowing that she will always have someone watching over her and protecting her if she were to go down. He was meant for her from the very beginning and their love for each other shows in every smiling picture!