4E Kennels Healing Hearts
Blue Sky Buddies

Owen and Josh

An amazing story of a man who has been saved by his dog. ⠀

A hero. ⠀
A warrior. ⠀
A survivor. ⠀

Josh, is a 24 yr Army Veteran who retired in 2020. He has 10 combat tours and was exposed to numerous explosions and situations resulting in severe PTSD, anxiety, depression and a traumatic brain injury. This also created a hyper-vigilance of surroundings, anxiety about being in public and large crowds. This caused Josh to avoid going into public, becoming depressed and often experiencing anger about it. ⠀

Owen, a returned naughty out of control 4E Goldendoodle, was given his second chance too. I quickly realized his potential and we got to work training Owen right here at 4E Kennels. ⠀⠀

This is a heart warming story of two boys lost and found a second chance in each other.