4E Kennels Healing Hearts

cooper and emily

Healing Hearts December 2019

  • F1b Moyen Goldendoodle

  • Maeve and Frankie's Magazine Litter: Blue Collar "Playboy"

  • Date of Birth:  October 22, 2019

  • Diabetic Alert Dog

Cooper is a diabetic alert dog for Emily! He was donated on Good Morning America in December of 2019, and then finished his training with Norton Dog Training in September of 2020.

Now he goes everywhere with Emily, so that he can catch changes in her blood sugar levels.Cooper alerts to both highs and lows, and can even catch them up to 30 minutes before her glucose monitor can. This is especially important because she does not feel these episodes, and they can be life threatening if not caught quickly.

On top of being a fantastic working dog, he is a sweet pup and loves being a family dog too. Cooper has a goofy personality and loves to play, but as soon as he needs to work he understands and snaps into work mode to protect his girl. He is Emily’s heart dog, and gives her an extra level of independence and freedom that she didn’t have before.