4E Kennels Healing Hearts

Prepare for the INtake InterView

I am so excited that you have made it to the next round of our Healing Hearts interview process. There is so much to consider and ultimately we need to make sure your expectations and the dog we may already have in mind for you, is indeed a good fit.

Please understand there is NO guarantee of placement. 

We just need to know more and make sure you are given as much information as possible as well so this decision is not taken lightly and both your needs and wants as well as the dog's needs and wants align. 
Here are items that will be discussed during our zoom interview, so you can start thinking about these things and write down additional questions  that you may have before our interview! 
Any preferences on size, gender, color

  • Costs - grooming (approximately every 6 weeks at 120.00 average), medical insurance (50.00 a month), food (50.00-80.00 a month), a kennel (average 130.00), microchip registration (20.00), bowls, toys, etc...

  • What comes with the dog (a vest, a leash and a working collar)

  • Medical concerns in your area (heartworm, flea/tick etc..) - talk to your vet. Depending on where our trainer lives, will determine what medications they are on. This information will be provided to.  

  • Training obligations - do you have the time and energy to commit to continued training/practice?

  • You would be receiving a starter trained working puppy (usually around a year old) - they are not a robot  and you will automatically face 25% backslide in training initially. Transition takes time and patience. They are still dogs and do goofy normal dog things (like dogging, chewing up things, having an accident).

  • Do you have a fenced in yard?

  • Other animals in the home?

  • Children in the home?

  • Your expectations of the tasks/work needed? How much and where would you want your dog to work (besides at home)?

  • Your lifestyle 

  • Does the timing work for you? 

  • You would need to buy list of items specific to dog including dog food (type will be provided) brushes, shampoo, coat spray, kennel size, bowls, food, treats, gear, favorite toys,

  • Go home lessons usually require 2 1/2 days of which I will need your time. Not 100% since the dog can't work that much. We will spend time in your home and out in public/your facility practicing handling and communicating with the dog. 

  • You will get attention in public - both negative and positive. Are you ok with that? Are you willing to advocate for you dog and tell people, "I am sorry you and or your dog cannot visit, we are working" 

  • There is no guarantee on training. You will be given a video of the commands performed and verification they have passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test; however, if you do not follow up with training and let things, they will stop "working" because they do not have to. 

  • The main handler is responsible for most of the care of the dog. Are you able, committed and have the time?

  • The dog needs to be a beloved member of the family and be given lots of time to "just be a dog". They are not to reside outside or in a kennel. Kennel time is important but not for hours on in. 

  • Where will the dog be during the day? When you are not at home? How much will the dog be out with you working? What kinds of places will the dog be visiting/working at?

  • You  would agree and commit to watching videos pertaining to meeting your dogs needs in order and ensuring that is done for the betterment of your working dog and watching the power 3 series videos and implementing those 3 techniques to ensure your bond and the foundation between you and your dog is started off on the right foot (below). 

  • You will review the contract and ask any questions/concerns you may have. 


Power 3 Series (3 videos)

Meet Your Dog's Needs In Order


I look forward to getting to know you!