4E Kennels Healing Hearts

Phish Food and Archer

Meet Phish Food - Healing Hearts 2020  

  • F1 Standard Goldendoodle

  • Audrey and Nasser's Ben and Jerry Litter

  • Date of Birth:  April 12, 2020

  • Service Dog:  Tasked Trained for Mobility Assistance

Phish Food was donated through the Healing Hearts Charity to Archer.  Archer is a little boy who previously had a service dog, Armadillo, but he tragically passed away from an intestinal infection.  

Archer has CRMO, a rare and painful bone disease.  CRMO is a 1:1,000,000 disease causing lesions on the bones.  These lesions look like infectious osteomyelitis but instead are actually an immune response.  Archer also has Crohns Disease and Arthritis, 1:10 children with CRMO also have an additional autoimmune disease.

Archer puppy raised Phish Food in Texas before he went to Norton Dog Training in Las Vegas.  Phish Food is his best friend but also is task trained to help him with his daily life!

Archer's Sweet Surprise!

Phish Food

Watching the bond between Phish and Archer is an absolute gift.  Phish is Archer's best friend and partner in crime.  Phish was "Pick of the Litter" and was known as a bomb proof dog.  Phish was chosen for Archer for his sensitive soul and laid back attitude. 

Phish Food was sponsored through the RCS Family Foundation.

Special thanks to: 

Schertz Animal Hospital 

Norton Dog Training

Miracle Flights